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24 Volt Licensed Range Rover SUV PINK With Touch Screen AND Leather Seat.

Licensed “Range Rover Vogue” With all the Upgrades Rubber wheels Black Leather seats 1x 24 Volt 7Ah MP4 Player with Bluetooth connectivity and Much more . This Car has all the Styling to make your little one Look apart in a 2 Seater Ranger Rover Vogue Kids Ride On Car Available in Standard Pink
  • Eva Rubber Tyres (FOR A SOFT RIDE)
  • Opening Doors and Hood
  • Start the “engine” with key
  • Battery 1 x 24 volt 7Ah True 24 volt for faster speeds
  • Bluetooth Parental Remote Control with Soft Start and 3-Speeds
  • Leather Seats with Seat Belts
  • Power of motor: 2x 250W Motors
  • Speed:4-11 Km⁄hr
  • Forward⁄ Reverse, Turn left⁄right steering wheel
  • Back wheel suspension
  • Working LED lights
  • MP4 With Screen , Play your favorite Movies or Songs Via Micro SD card or USB
  • SAA charger * Parent remote Control
  • CE material.
  • Suitable for children aged 3-7 years
  • Size: 146cm x 94cm x 66cm
  • Max weight loaded: 60KG
  • Charging period: 8-12hr⁄time
  • Battery operated , Continuous fun for 1-2 hrs.

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