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24V power gokart with drift function

Enjoy the Drifting Fun with Smooth Drift Wheels for extra sliding! A mode switch to change from normal driving to drifting. Powered by 24V battery and dual 24v motors reaching Top speed around 10-18 Km⁄hr. This is something for any 5-8 years old who love racing and drifting. It is specifically designed to provide the thrills in kart racing for young kids. No extra upgrade and conversions required, it is already done for you.
For safety, it is made of a very sturdy steel frame with oxygen-welded joints for extra stability and durability, the Kids Go Kart has a large and adjustable seat equipped with seat belt and a high back rest for maximum comfort. Pedal power is assisted by a forward and reverse control and a sporty and highly responsive 3-point steering wheel. The bike chain is fully covered to prevent any injury whilst the manual brake is super effective too.
Suitable for children aged 3-8 years ( Depending on size of child for age )

Product Size: 115 cm x 77cm x 56cm Weight 20KG
Box size 108 x 72 x 34CM
Box Weight  23kg
Switch to Change from normal drive to Drift Mode

Original price was: $449.00.Current price is: $429.00.

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